Monday, September 17, 2012

Pet Social Networks For Our Increasingly Social Animals?

Given that pets now have their own social networks, are they now competing with us humans who are previously the only supposedly “social animal” on planet Earth?

By: Ringo Bones

The issue might seem trivial or esoterically academic to the general public – but it is now official, your pet can now apply for his or her own social network profile at And besides, we humans had been hogging Facebook during the past few years. But are social networks for your beloved pet just too facetious and trivial for everyday practicality?

Some folks already have the “bragging rights” that their dog’s Facebook profile got 200 friends during the first week of joining and so does another who owns a 150 US dollar koi whose Facebook friends are already nearing the 1,000 friends mark. But unbeknown to their owners, a dedicated pet social networks can have uses that could one day save your dog’s and other pet’s life. As some human Facebook users already have testimonials on how they met someone with compatible blood and kidneys on the famed social network that had saved their life.

In more affluent parts of America and Europe, medical advances in veterinary medicine and veterinary healthcare already rivals that of humans and even though it may still cost 5,000 US dollars for your dog to get an artificial hip replacement for life-extension purposes – your dog’s vital medical information – like blood type and organ histo-compatibility – could prove a lifesaver if you have access to extra dog blood that’s compatible to your dog. And probably the most practical way to get such data is that if your pet dog had joined a kind of pet social network. And assuming your dog wins enough prize-money at dog shows to pay for upmarket veterinary surgery, then access to other dogs willing to donate compatible blood for surgical use can prove to be a lifesaver.