Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Intrigue at the Birmingham Dog Show?

Though a full toxicology report is still pending, is the Birmingham Dog Show now a center of intrigue of this recent Irish setter poisoning case?

By: Ringo Bones

The prize-winning Irish setter known as Thendara Satisfaction – or Jagger for short – died after leaving the Birmingham Dog Show. His owners and a preliminary toxicology report points to the cause of death as the ingestion of poisoned beef. Given the terrible crime, will the Birmingham Dog Show, the Kennel Club and Crufts now be under uncomfortable scrutiny by both dog lovers and the press alike?

Co-owner Jeremy Bott said he did not think that the dog was targeted, but the culprit may have been acting on “a grudge against dogs or the Crufts show”. The Kennel Club said it is currently the only dog poisoning case that’s being investigated. “The Cruffts Committee and all championship show dog committees will have to look at security”.

Jagger came second in his class at the show at Birmingham’s NEC on Thursday, March 5, 2015. He died after returning to Belgium with Ms. Lauwers. Jagger ,to his family was priceless and he serves not only as a family pet but as pet therapy in the local elderly care homes. Jaggerwould sit there and give the residents some delight in him just by being around. The Kennel Club said it was awaiting toxicology report from Belgian police. It said it had not received any other reports of sickness in dogs at Crufts.